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State of the Birds Report

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Aridland Species

About the maps:  




Distribution maps are based on the predicted occupancy at roughly 130,000 grid points using data from eBird and associations with land cover and other key environmental variables. Brighter areas indicate a higher probability of occurrence.


For species with very small ranges or associated with wetlands, we generated maps using the frequency of each species reported on eBird checklists, which provide coarser data and summarized occupancy within 20 sq km blocks.

Click on a species name to see its distribution map and the percentage distribution on public lands during peak breeding season.

Bell's Vireo Crissal Thrasher Lucy's Warbler 
Bendire's Thrasher  Elf Owl  Phainopepla
Black-capped Vireo Five-striped Sparrow  Pyrrhuloxia 
Black-chinned Sparrow Gilded Flicker Rock Wren
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher Greater Sage-Grouse  Rufous-crowned Sparrow
Black-throated Sparrow  Green-tailed Towhee  Rufous-winged Sparrow 
Brewer's Sparrow Gunnison Sage-Grouse Sage Sparrow
California Condor  Lark Sparrow Sage Thrasher 
California Gnatcatcher  Lawrence's Goldfinch  Scaled Quail
Canyon Wren Le Conte's Thrasher  Varied Bunting
Chihuahuan Raven  Lesser Nighthawk  White-throated Swift 
Costa's Hummingbird  Lucifer Hummingbird  Wrentit