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State of the Birds Report

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Boreal Forest Species

Click on a pecies name below to see its distribution map and the percentage of distribution on private lands during peak breeding season.

Click on any map to see a larger version that includes date and frequency scale. 


American Black Duck          
American Three-toed Woodpecker
Bay-breasted Warbler          
Bicknell's Thrush             
Black-backed Woodpecker      
Blackpoll Warbler             
Boreal Chickadee             
Cape May Warbler              
Connecticut Warbler           
Lesser Scaup                 
Palm Warbler                                 
Philadelphia Vireo    
Ring-necked Duck             
Spruce Grouse                
Tennessee Warbler             
White-throated Sparrow       
White-winged Crossbill        

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher