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State of the Birds Report

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Eastern Forest Species

Click on a pecies name to see its distribution map and the percentage of distribution on private lands during peak breeding season as well as winter distribution for these or other species as listed below.

Click on any map to see a larger version that includes date and frequency scale.




Acadian Flycatcher            
American Woodcock             
Bachman's Sparrow             
Black-billed Cuckoo           
Blue-winged Warbler          

Brown Thrasher            


 Brown Thrasher

Brown-headed Nuthatch        
Cerulean Warbler              
Chestnut-sided Warbler        
Eastern Bluebird           

Eastern Bluebird 

Eastern Towhee               

Eastern Towhee

Eastern Wood-Pewee           
Field Sparrow                

Field Sparrow 

Golden-winged Warbler        
Hooded Warbler                
Indigo Bunting               
Kentucky Warbler             
Kirtland's Warbler            
Louisiana Waterthrush        
Orchard Oriole               
Pine Warbler                  

Pine Warbler 

Prairie Warbler               
Prothonotary Warbler          
Red-cockaded Woodpecker       
Red-headed Woodpecker         

Red-headed Woodpecker 

Rose-breasted Grosbeak       

Rusty Blackbird

Scarlet Tanager              
Swainson's Warbler            
White-eyed Vireo             
Winter Wren
Wood Duck                    

Wood Duck 

Wood Thrush                   
Worm-eating Warbler          
Yellow-billed Cuckoo         
Yellow-throated Vireo        
Yellow-throated Warbler