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State of the Birds Report

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Western Forest Species

Click on a pecies name to see its distribution map and the percentage of distribution on private lands during peak breeding season as well as winter distribution for these or other species as listed below.

Click on any map to see a larger version that includes date and frequency scale.




Black Swift                   
Black-throated Gray Warbler   
Calliope Hummingbird          
Cassin's Finch                
Cassin's Vireo                
Clark's Nutcracker             
Common Black-Hawk             
Dusky Flycatcher              
Dusky Grouse                  
Golden-cheeked Warbler        
Gray Flycatcher               
Gray Vireo                    
Hammond's Flycatcher          
Hermit Warbler                
Island Scrub-Jay              
Juniper Titmouse              
Lazuli Bunting                
Lesser Goldfinch              
Lewis's Woodpecker            
MacGillivray's Warbler         
Mountain Bluebird             
Mountain Quail                
Nuttall's Woodpecker           
Oak Titmouse                  
Pacific Wren                  
Pacific-slope Flycatcher      
Pinyon Jay                    
Red-breasted Sapsucker         
Red-naped Sapsucker           
Rose-throated Becard          
Rufous Hummingbird            
Sooty Grouse                  
Thick-billed Kingbird         
Townsends Solitaire          
Varied Thrush 

Vaux's Swift         

Virginia' s Warbler            
Western Tanager               
White-headed Woodpecker       
Williamson's Sapsucker        
Yellow-billed Magpie