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State of the Birds Report

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As part of the 2014 State of the Birds Report, a team of scientists from the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) identified the 233 U.S. bird species most in need of conservation action—these species make up the 2014 Watch List.

We assessed the entire U.S. avifauna using the Partners in Flight Species Assessment Database, which ranks species according to their vulnerability due to population size, range size (breeding and non-breeding), population trend, and future threats (breeding and non-breeding). Species are included on the Watch List if they exhibit a threshold of high combined vulnerability across all these factors. (See the Partners in Flight Handbook on Species Assessment.)

Note: The Watch List PDF available below will soon be updated to include species with distinct populations of conservation concern that should appear on Yellow Watch List.

Download the Watch List (PDF)


Image: Black-footed Albatross by Stef den Ridder