This report was prepared by representatives of the different NABCI partners from Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.

Steering Committee

Canada: Charles M. Francis (Chair), Alaine Camfield, Ted Cheskey, Andrew R. Couturier, Adam C. Smith;
U.S.: Gus Axelson, Greg Butcher, Jerome Ford, Robert P. Ford, Deb Hahn, David Pashley, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, John R. Sauer, Judith Scarl;
Mexico: Humberto Berlanga, Eduardo Iñigo-Elias, Vicente Rodriguez.

Science Committee

Canada: Adam C. Smith (Co-chair), Peter Blancher, Andrew R. Couturier, Jim Devries, Charles M. Francis, Paul A.
Smith, Scott Wilson;
U.S.: Kenneth V. Rosenberg (Co-chair), John D. Alexander, Greg Butcher, Robert P. Ford, Peter P. Marra, David W.
Mehlman, David Pashley, Arvind Panjabi, John R. Sauer, Scott Yaich;
Mexico: Humberto Berlanga (Co-chair), Eduardo Iñigo-Elias, Vicente Rodriguez, Victor Vargas, Alfonso Aguirre.

Communications Committee

Canada: Ted Cheskey, Eleanor Fast, Charles M. Francis, Patricia Hardie, Elaine Secord;
U.S.: Judith Scarl (Chair), Susan Bonfield, Greg Butcher, Miyoko Chu, Matt Cimitile, Aditi Desai, Jennie Duberstein, Deb Hahn, Jennifer Howard, Alicia King, Liza LePage, Rachel Fisk Levin, Nadia Peimbert;
Mexico: Humberto Berlanga, Patricia Koleff, Carlos Galindo Leal.

Editor: Gus Axelson; Designer: Diane L. Tessaglia-Hymes; Illustrators: Misaki Ouchida, Chloe Lam.

Website: Victoria Campbell, Alex Chang, Greg Delisle, France Kehas-Dewaghe, Pat Leonard, Hugh Powell, Sarah Seroussi.

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Suggested Citation: North American Bird Conservation Initiative. 2016. The State of North America’s Birds 2016. Environment and Climate Change Canada: Ottawa, Ontario. 8 pages.
Cat. No.: CW66-527/2016E ISBN: 978-0-660-05104-8.