State of the Birds 2019

This 2019 State of the Birds Report highlights the critical role that state wildlife agencies can play in recovering America’s bird populations and provides recommendations for all partners to fully support these recovery efforts. Both report and a supplement are available in PDF form on our Downloads page.

America’s Birds Are In Crisis…

According to a recent analysis, nearly 30% of all North American birds have disappeared in the last 50 years. New research published in the journal Science shows massive losses among U.S. bird populations—with steep declines in every habitat. More about the declines.

…But Recovery Is Possible When We Invest in Birds

Look no farther than the national bird of the United States. In 1970 only a few hundred Bald Eagle pairs remained in the lower 48 states. Federal and state protections sparked a remarkable recovery. The Bald Eagle was delisted as an Endangered Species in 2007, and today 30,000+ eagle pairs live in the U.S.A. We can achieve similar successes with other precious species. Here’s how to turn the declines around.